About Pink Of Health - An Initiative By Cipla for Iron Deficiency Anemia

Pink of Health Initiative

Pink of Health is a Cipla initiative that aims towards creating awareness about Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) in children and boost early diagnosis.

IDA is the fifth leading health concern causing severe mental distress and physical development barriers. Despite its graveness and commonality, IDA goes unnoticed or unheard of by many.

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Parents and caretakers are hardly ever able to diagnose early symptoms of IDA to begin treatment before it aggravates. Pink of Health initiative focuses on educating young mothers on various aspects of IDA, enable them to take informed decisions and provide healthy & active life to their children. This platform will help parents to understand the need for early detection & diagnosis of Iron deficiency anemia as lifestyle & behavioral modifications play a pivotal role in curbing IDA.

Resonating with Cipla’s mission of making holistic health and wellness an attainable goal for all. The #PinkofHealth campaign is a leap towards a healthier world.

To Check If Your Child Is Suffering From Iron Deficiency Anemia